An HOMMAGE to the textile culture fallen into oblivion.

With the ROHLEDER HOME COLLECTION by Olaf Hajek, developed by the Rohleder design team in cooperation with the well-known German illustrator Olaf Hajek, Rohleder launches the most exclusive and extravagant collection within the Home Collection 2018. The interplay of design and art of weaving at the highest level is characteristic for this sophisticated textile collection.

The weaving mill Rohleder has always bucked the trend – in a time where the market is almost solely driven by the price, Rohleder presents the highest-quality and most extraordinary collection in the field of interior textiles in a long time, withstanding the mainstream. An homage to the textile culture fallen into oblivion with its wealth and meaning consumers need to become aware of again.

Far more than a year of development work was invested by the Rohleder design team to translate the complex patterns from the artist’s pen into weavable textures. The result is an extensive textile collection in different fine weaving qualities.

From upholstery fabrics with up to 160 picks per centimeter to calendered viscose-linen épinglé fabrics and a fine velvet to delicate curtain fabrics.

They all stand out due to their richness in color, brilliance and opulence. The exclusive cushion collection introduced to begin with, is available in three color worlds. It is completed by plaids, poufs, woven pictures, curtains and a screen. Each artwork tells its very own story and reflects the high quality and design standards of Rohleder and Olaf Hajek. Every single fabric and product of the ROHLEDER HOME COLLECTION by Olaf Hajek is a perfect artworks in terms of design and workmanship – true ‚Pieces of Art‘ – and certainly the most exclusive products created in the company history of the weaving mill Rohleder.

Now the collection will to be distributed exclusively and selectively with territorial protection by a small number of customers abroad as well as in the German market.

olaf Hajek stoff
Olaf Hajek-Rohleder Home Collection


You can download the official catalogue to the Home Collection by Olaf Hajek here or request an exclusive print version at

„The certainly most exclusive and

extraordinary textile collection

created in the company history

of the weaving mill Rohleder.“

Hans Schüssel

CEO at Rohleder

Paravent Platzhalter
Exklusive Textilbilder in hochwertiger
Rahmung aus der Manufaktur
F. G. Conzen.
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stoff olaf hajek

Olaf Hajek

You think you can literally hear it – the bird of paradise’s melodic call, the hiss of a lizard in the crackling branches, the bursting of lush buds like in fast motion…

With his magnificent paintings, Olaf Hajek carries the beholder away into mystic worlds, fills them with opulent flower arrangements, animals and plants that seem to come from botanical and zoological compendiums. The style of primitive art combined with elements showing ethnical tendencies mixes to a completely new imagery. You can clearly feel the roots and sources of inspiration of Hajek’s artworks lying in his journeys to South America, South East Asia and Africa.

It’s just as hard to escape the direct looks of his „Flowerheads“ – don’t they just almost seem to ask the beholder into their thought?

They are alive with surrealist arrangements, growing stories that are luring and blossoming secrets.

Hajek’s artworks evoke luxury, opulence and beauty and contextualize them with the wealth of nature and inexhaustible ideas.

His Berlin studio is the place where Hajek creates the filigree phantasy worlds with oil chalk and acrylic. A closer look reveals that in doing so, he places the colors side by side. This new mixing technique gives his creations an oscillating effect and almost causes the impression of a patina; as if the painting already has an own story.

Rohleder now turns the illustrations of the artist into textile dreams come true.

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